T-Shirt Competition

These are the basic points on how to enter the competition. The full version of the rules can be found here.

We are looking for designs to print on the T-shirts that go in the NerdNab box. We know that there are very talented artists in South Africa that need to be recognized and paid. The competition is to find the best design, reward the artist and print the T-shirts for everyone else. The competition needs to have some guidelines in the form of a theme that the artists can design for. These themes will be selected by our customers in the future.

To enter the competition:

  • Draw your design for the T-shirt following the themes for next edition which are "WarCraft", "TMNT 2" and/or anything cool.
  • Scan them into a vector PDF, Adobe Illustrator or .EPS format. Max size is 15mb. 3 colour limit (there can be exceptions)
  • Must be your own work and not a copy!
  • Create a profile on www.NerdNab.Ninja (this site) and sign in.
  • Upload them up to the site, under your profile. Click on your name (Profile) -> "FILES UPLOADER (CUSTOMER FILES)" or just follow the link DesignUpload
  • Next deadline is the 19th of June.
  • We will pick a winner and let them know.
  • Send any questions to Customer@NerdNab.Ninja
  • Please make sure you have read the full version of the rules.

User Profile Upload

Nab104 Mar/Apr Box Winner!

Theme: Civil War, Doom, Overwatch, Quantum Break, Uncharted 4

Winner: Crowther Lindeque (https://www.artstation.com/artist/crowtherlindeque)

 Selfie Time

Nab103 Feb/Mar - Deadpool Box Winner!

Theme: Deadpool, Batman vs Superman

Wiiner: Greg Nell (http://andotherstories.com/)

Batman vs Superman

Nab102 Dec/Jan - Holidays Box Winner!

Theme: Star Wars and Holiday

Winner: Crowther Lindeque (https://www.artstation.com/artist/crowtherlindeque)


This design on a grey shirt.