What is HeroClix?

HeroClix is a collectible miniatures game that uses the Clix system that centers on the world of superhero comic books, especially the Marvel and DC Comics universes. Players construct teams of comic book heroes, villains, or characters from various video games series such as Street Fighter, Gears of War, and Halo and engage in a turn-by-turn battle on grid maps based on various storyline locations. The Game was originally designed and produced by WizKids, but was discontinued in November 2008 when WizKids owner Topps shut down their HeroClix line. In September 2009, collectible toy producer National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) purchased some of the WizKids' intellectual property from Topps, including the HeroClix rights and then soon after began to produce and sell new HeroClix series.


How do I play HeroClix?


Where can I find it?

Raru has a special on for the Yu-Gi-Oh starter at 40% off: http://raru.co.za/boards-dice/3084750-heroclix-yu-gi-oh-6-figure-starter-set

As HeroClix is a WizKids game they have a search engine that runs off your postal code: http://wizkidseventsystem.com/search.php

This will find stores that have registered for tournament to get prize support, but phone them first before you just go through there as you don't know what night they will be playing HeroClix.

Here is a list from the Dice Masters distributor SkyCastle:

Outerlimits Mellville (Heroclix & Dicemasters)

Outerlimits PTA (Heroclix & Dicemasters)

AWX  (Heroclix & Dicemasters)


Battle Bunker Tygervalley (Dicemasters)

Battle Bunker Cavendish (Dicemasters)

Fanaticus (Dicemasters)

Quantum Games (Dicemasters)

Readers Den (Dicemasters)


Unseenshoppe (Heroclix & Dicemasters)

The Batcave (Heroclix & Dicemasters)



NerdNab Details

HeroClix models where given in the follow NerdNab boxes:

- Nab102 Dec/Jan Holidays box (Organized Play DC Random model)

- Nab103 Feb/Mar Deadpool box (Yu-Gi-Oh Series 1 or Series 2 booster)

- Nab103 Feb/Mar Nabber Plus box (Yu-Gi-Oh Starter Kit)

- Nab103 Feb/Mar Motherload box (Yu-Gi-Oh Starter Kit, elite characters and special playmats)

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