Nab103 Feb/Mar

Deadpool Comic

Deadpool Comic Book

Watched the movie, now get some more Deadpool. What paper not for you? There is a digital code for the comic book inserted 12 pages from the back. Peel the sticker back and download to read the comic book on your digital device. Make sure to make Outerlimits your comic book store of choice even when buying digitally.

Superman vs. Batman Calendar
Why a calendar in Feb? Well this can be your Super Hero Calendar, mark all the upcoming Super Hero Movies on it and put it on your fridge and never miss out on one again. Batman vs. Superman is already marked for you.
Captain America: 6th of May
X-Men Apocalypse: 27th of May
TMNT - Half Steel: 3rd of June
Suicide Squad: 5th of August
Dr. Strange: 4th of November

Yu-Gi-Oh HeroClix

Random Yu-Gi-Oh HeroClix Series 1 or Series 2 Model
Yu-Gi-Oh HeroClix combines the best of both worlds. Playing with your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh models in another beautiful table top game. Or even if you just want the model of your favorite built deck in Yu-Gi-Oh. We have included on our website a list of the current stores and locations for you to find others playing HeroClix.


There is also a special offer on Raru to buy a starter pack for Yu-Gi-Oh at a 40% discount!

Nab103 T-Shirt

Nab103 Feb/Mar T-Shirt Design

TELL ME, DO YOU BLEED! - This T-shirt design is by Greg Nell. When you got your Star Wars T-shirt in the last edition, some fans were upset that they could not wear it to the movie. This time you get the T-shirt before the movie… The new Batman vs. Superman movie is out on the 25th of March as your calendar shows, so you are now prepared with a really cool T-shirt.

LEGO Iron Man

Lego Avengers Iron Man
The new Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie brought a new LEGO game and here is your very own Iron Man. LEGO video games are fun for the whole family. Watch the LEGO remake of the Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie in the Youtube video below. How much time must that have taken?

The Division

Strategic Homeland Division Badge
The badge from Tom Clancy's The Division means you are now one of their sleeper agents. Division agents are trained to operate independently of command when all else fails. The Division video game comes out on the 8th of March 2016.

Dice Masters

Dice Masters Booster
These are not normal dice? They don't have normal numbers on them? That's because they are a game in themselves. Dice Masters is WizKids proprietary Dice Building Game. We have more information and a list of current shops and locations in South Africa for you to go start playing or just simple inquire about the game.


Deadpool Comic

Deadpool Comic

Deadpool Beanie

While carrying these beanies around I felt like I needed extra security because everyone that caught a glimpse of them wanted to grab one and run. There were a very limited amount available at the theaters on release day and many people were left disappointed by not getting one, but you lucky Nabbers don't get disappointment you get the bad ass beanie, enjoy! (South African model not included, we could not fit her into the box. :))

Dice Masters Starter Pack
Dice Masters is a game where you build your bag of dice as you progress through the game. That element of un and strategy in this game is different from the norm and really appealed to our team. If the Started Packs had arrived too late to be shipped we would have happily kept them. You can get these and more variations and boosters from

Yu-Gi-Oh HeroClix

Yukigo Hero Clix Starter Pack
With the Yu-Gi-Oh booster is the standard box this Starter pack will enable you to play with a friend and see how the Hero Clix game actually runs. Did not get the Nabber Plus? You can buy a Starter pack reduced on by 40% from the normal price.



Motherload Goodies

X-men Uncanny Dice Masters Collectors Box
YuGiOh HeroClix Starter Set
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Hamper including T-shirt, coasters and pin
XCOM - The Board Game
The Art of XCOM2
PC XCOM2 video game
Vigilo Confido Mug, T-Shirt
XCOM 2 Resurrection by Greg Keyes
4 x PS4 Games
Kratos 'God of War' mini figure
Playstation Players Bag
PS4 Beanie, lanyard and keyring