Perfect Picture Pose Competition

The Perfect Picture Pose competition is our way of rewarding those awesome pictures of NerdNab items, taken with the right stuff. One of the YouTuber unboxing videos got a extra goodie in their box and did not know know what it was for. They called it the "random prize for something random". We liked this title so much and have been trying to think a competition to go with it.

We enjoy looking at all the feedback from the customers and love to see the joy on their faces, it's the main reason we love our jobs. We saw this perfect picture of Roland, taking a selfie with an item from the NerdNab box including a cosplay Spiderman (or is that the real one?). This inspired us to give him something extra for his fandom. We did not want to call it something random, so we made the Picture Perfect Pose competition.

Entry conditions:

- Post the picture to these social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. (More will come...)

- YouTube is excluded as it has it's own competition with the best unboxing having a chance to win Nabber Plus Ninja Goodies. (There might be an exception made for non-unboxing videos)

- #NerdNab in the post, even tag our account if you want and/or send it to our Facebook page for others to see. How else are we supposed to know it's a NerdNab picture.

- Have your favourite (or one of your favourite) items from the box in the picture. Let it be there in an amusing or sarcastic way, something to make us remember the picture and keep it to judge the best picture before the next box.

- Already have ordered the next box from NerdNab. Yip, so we will just put the random prize into your next box for something extra to brag about to your friends.

Oct/Nov (107 Edition) - Winner: Christopher Watt
(Prize: Mario Hat and Mario Kart T-Shirt)

Christopher WattMario HatMario Kart T-Shirt

Aug/Sep (106 Edition) - Winner: Roland Larson
(Prize: Full Pack of Sneaky Cards)

Brett StelmaszekSneaky Cards

Jun/Jul (105 Edition) - Winner: Roland Larson
(Prize: Overwatch on PS4)

Roland Larson