Nab108 Dec/Jan

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iZOMBIE is a comic book series published by DC Comic's Vertigo imprint that began in 2010. This sepcial edition is to re-launch and highlight the TV series on American network CW. This show can also be found on NetFlex, but not on ShowMax yet. It is highly recomended.

You can order the comic collection or just the next version from

O3D Cell Phone holder

O3D printed Universal Cell Phone holder
is a great tool that you never think you need. Now that we have given you one it will be used to wash the dishes, bath and just hold any device on your desk to watch from.


LEGO PC Games You can play the demos of all of these 8 LEGO games. It's not for the PlayStation or Xbox but these games can be found on those platforms too.

StarWars Destiny Booster

Star Wars Destiny Booster
Star Wars Destiny has just launched in South Africa and is a refreshing fun game. Alarm bells will go off as to if this is something to get into like Magic, Pokemon or Dice Masters it's closest likeness. You don't need to worry. This is actually a very light investment to start having some Star Wars character games. If you want some more insite into why watch the second video here.

Nab108 T-Shirt

GEEK T-Shirt

Some times you just want to wear a shirt that is plain and simple. A blank shirt will show any little wet mark or dirt and is boring, but if we just add a small word that labels me as a little smarter than the average person, which each person that buys NerdNab is, then... this is the shirt for that occation.

Jurrasic World's Dr Wu

Jurrasic World's Dr Wu

LEGO Men are always cool to collect. Let's add another LEGO man to your collection. If it's not for you then there is a friend that's happy you are passing on the LEGO men to them.

Watch Dogs 2 Postcard
Watch Dogs 2 Stickers

Watch Dogs 2 is a great Ubisoft game priced right for this Christmas season. Here are some exclusive cards and stickers for you.

Nabber Plus

The Nabber Plus Winners are 10 random customers that have bought a Nabber Plus subscription. More details can be found here.

Might Micros
One of the 6 Mighty Micros are in your bag, thanx to LEGO. If you where a luck Nabber Plus winner.


Bethesa Game
We gave you a full tradable version of a Bethesda title depending on what platform you picked.


One very lucky customer buying either a single box or Nabber Plus has a chance of being the Motherload winner. They get a bigger box worth over R5000 and their standard box.

Motherload Special PlayStation Bundle

Special PlayStation Motherload Bundle

  • Elite Razor Raiju Controller
  • Call of Duty Infinate Warfare for PS4
  • Moogle Munch Chips from Final Fantasy XV
  • Little Big Planet 3 Phone cover
  • Uncharted 4 T-Shirt, Ring Bottle Opener and Wrist Strap
  • No Man's Sky Model Metal Plane
  • Second Son Memory Stick