Nab111 Jun/Jul

Here is the content in the standard box. Let us know what you think of this instead of the pamphlet at customer@NerdNab.Ninja.

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Comic of the Box: A new Spiderman era is upon us and how better to celebrate that with some awesome Spiderman comics. Our actual comic books were delays again and we could not delay the boxes, so we added other Spiderman comic books into the boxes. If you are not happy with the current Spiderman comic book that you have please let us know and we will add the Spiderman comic book you see above into your next box. These delivery and customs delays do happen.

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Pokemon Go

T-shirt of the box - Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go got a great refresh with the Raids and new Gym system. They 1-year anniversary brought a Pikachu with a hat but so much more for the game. When heading out to those raids where you Pokémon Go shirt! If you have designs that you would like to see in NerdNab please send them through to customer@NerdNab.Ninja

Pixel Art

Morph Creations Pixel Art

Peel it, Stick it, Pixel Art it !
Pixel Art is a 21st Century spin on retro arcade games and pixelated digital images.
A form of DIY art made up of 1cm x 1cm square, self adhesive stickers that are placed together to form a pixelated image.
(This would replace your normal box version)

Hero OneHero TwoHero ThreeHero Four

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Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners

On the topic of popular things that become famous so quickly, Fidget Spinners have run in and out of the school classrooms faster than NerdNab could put them into their boxes. There was Fidget spinners at R400 until the cheap china town versions started swarming the country. We took a different direction, the creative geniuses at O3D Print sent an array of spinners to test and select the ones we wanted in the boxes. All the samples are in the picture above to show you what they can do. We selected the bottom orange, black and green ones at the front of the picture. Each box will have one of these. Impressive to have your own unique spinner and if the ones from the NerdNab box are not exactly what you want then you can always order your own personal one from O3D

Middle-Earth Shadow of War

Middle-Earth Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed by Monolith Productions and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This pouch and keyring is some great merchandise from the game. It's a test of strength to open the keyring, good luck!

Torment - Tides of NumeneraLego City UndercoverMorrowind

Games from Bethesda, Techland, Warner Bros.
The lucky packet item for this edition is GAMES! You will get one of the titles above in your box. It was based on your console choice on the site and which titles we received on that platform. Enjoy.