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NerbNab NinjaWho We Are?

At NerdNab we provide a service of collecting awesome nerd and geek stuff, cramming it into a box and delivering it to our subscribers. We are finding toys and games from three different genres namely: Table top games, Video games and Comic books. Through NerdNab boxes we are showing them to all the different types of gamers, geeks and nerds.

How much does it cost?

R350 for a box, with no forced subscription. If you don't like them you just stop paying. The boxes come out only every second month and only the people at NerdNab know all the items in the box. Its a surprise and it's great that way. A special box of goodies sent to your door every second month.

Competition, everyone likes winning!

There are 2 set competitions that run every edition of the box. The Nabber Plus and the Motherload. These are different types of boxes that you stand a chance of winning just by buying the normal Nabber Box.

Nabber Plus (10-20 boxes per edition)
This is a competition for those that by 3 boxes at once at R999. Saving money and getting their name into the Nabber Plus draw for all three months. The Nabber Plus box will have all the items from the Standard Nabber Box, plus an extra 1 - 2 premier items.

The Motherload (one box per edition)
One lucky NerdNab subscriber wins this tremendous box of goodies. Every box bought enters you into this competition. We have this box valued over R5000.

So buy the box?

You can buy just a single box to try it out and see, with no obligation: One Box

Be a Nabber Plus subscriber and buy 6 months (3 editions) of surprise : Three Boxes at R999